Pretty Please

If you were to ask me to name a couple of things that I find satisfying, I could probably come up with many. Such as the smell of a pepperoni pizza coming out of a hot brick oven; or the sensation of seeing a glamorous view of the New York City Skyline one spring evening; or even the nap you decide to take after your two hour lecture. Needless to say, there are just those special actions, which trigger this inner satisfaction, however, one that I would like to mention is persuasion.

Now, how does satisfaction and persuasion go hand and hand? I love it when I am able to get someone to do something I want him or her to do, and really, who doesn’t? Being able to get what you want and the only thing you had to do was speak to the person sounds too good to be true. Though, this might be accurate, one must think about what happens when the other party is not on board; what must one do next? A person must be able to apply a set of skills which will not only get one to understand what you are talking about, but to also influence the other party. The two I would like to delve into is the effectiveness and power of listening but also knowing your audience.


Furthermore, where does one start and how do you get someone to listen to you? What I mean by this is for example, you want your sibling to get you a drink from the refrigerator and they automatically say no without even hearing what you wanted. One argument, which can be made, is that if you are not a good listener or you are known in the past to not even listen at all, there is a very little chance that another person who knows you will listen to you. Enhancing this skill will come in handy because it can establish you as a creditable person who is considerate, which this would put the thought in peoples mind such as, “Oh yeah, I’ll do that for him because I know that he’ll do that for me.”

Know Your Audience

Additionally, another aspect in which I feel is important in persuading people is having a plan. Meaning how are you going to execute this plan effectively, which signifies the importance of knowing who you are speaking to. Knowing your audience comes a long way because it will not only save you time but also in some sense, effort which will create efficiency. Also, it can most likely eliminate other plans, which you might have had in how one was going to approach the situation.


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